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型号开头 H

   型号  产品描述 手册编号 修订日期
HCTB-1070 Series Constant Temperature Circulating Baths M1343 0392
HCTB-3010, HCTB-3020, HCTB-3030 Thermoregulators M3433 0799
HCTB-3040 Thermoregulators M3433A 0799
HDR Series Dimensional Drawings Specs M_HDR_DimSpecs 0610
HDR Series Installation-Maintainance Manual M_HDR_Install 0610
HE359 Series Universal Remote I/O Modules 0837-03 0308
HE-XE102 XLe Graphical Operator Control Stations M4760 0109
HE-XE103/HE-XE104 XLe Graphical Operator Control Stations M4761 0109
HE-XE105 XLe Graphical Operator Control Stations M4762 0109
HE-XL100 XL6 Graphical Operator Control Stations M4763 0109
HE-XL102 XL6 Graphical Operator Control Stations M4764 0109
HE-XL103/HE-XL104 XL6 Graphical Operator Control Stations M4765 0109
HE-XL105 XL6 Graphical Operator Control Stations m4766 0109
HE-XT102 XLt Graphical Operator Control Stations M4757 0109
HE-XT103/HE-XT104 XLt Graphical Operator Control Stations M4758 0109
HE-XT105 XLt Graphical Operator Control Stations M4759 0109
HFP-100 Series Portable Hydraulic Testers M4795 0409
HFS-3, HFS-4 Series Thin-Film Heat Flux Sensors M1844 0409
HGM68 Grain Moisture Meter M5075 0112
HH11A and HH12A Low Cost Digital Thermometers M3998 0803
HH11B Digital Thermometer M4613 0208
HH11B Digital Thermometer (Simplified Chinese) M4613C 0208
HH126 RTD Data/logger Thermometer M4723 0911
HH126 HH127 HH176 Data Logger Software Manual M4726 0709
HH127 Thermocouple Datalogger Thermometer M4724 0909
HH12B Digital Thermometer M4614 0208
HH12B Digital Thermometer (Simplified Chinese) M4614C 0412
HH1304P J-K-T-E Thermocouple Thermometer w/Printing M4922 0510
HH1384 4 input datalogger/thermometer M4945 0810
HH147 4 Channel Temperature Datalogger M4250 0809
HH147U Data Logger Thermometer M4814 1109
HH147U Software Software \Manual M4831 1109
HH176 TC + RTD Data Logger Thermometer M4725 0909
HH-2000 Series Logging Thermometer M3260 1100
HH200A Handheld Thermometers M1611A 0201
HH203A Handheld Thermometer M1614A 0201
HH20CAL Economical Thermocouple Calibrator M1041 0497
HH-21, HH-22, HH-23 DISCONTINUED - Handheld Temperature Meters M0739 0804
HH-2100 Series Thermometer M4017 0509
HH-21A, HH-22A, HH-23A Handheld Temperature Meters M0739A 1207
HH-25, HH-26 Handheld Temperature Meters M0518 1196
HH303 Type K J Thermometer M3549 1299
HH306 Thermometer/Datalogger M3546 0208
HH308 Omegaette Type K thermometer M3652 0401
HH309 Data Logger Thermometer M4147 0805
HH309A Data Logger Thermometer M4147A 0508
HH309A Data Logger Thermometer (Simplified Chinese) M5102SC 0212
HH309A Data Logger Thermometer (Traditional Chinese) M5102 0212
HH-30A,HH-31A,HH-32A Handheld Anemometer M2367 0896
HH311 Humidity Temperature Meter M3550 1299
HH314 Humidity Temperature Meter M3551 1299
HH314A Humidity Temperature Meter M3551A 0508
HH370 RTD Thermometer M4286 0406
HH374 4 Channel Type K Data Logger Thermometer M5055 0911
HH376 Data Logger RTD Thermometer M4935 1010
HH40 Series Handheld Thermistor Thermometers M2031 1294
HH500 OMEGAETTE® Temperature/Voltage/Current RS-232 Graphic Recorder M3547 1201
HH500 Czech Version - Digital Handheld M3547_CZ 0701
HH501AE Digital Thermometer M2821A 799
HH501AJ Digital Thermometer M2817A 799
HH501AJK Digital Thermometer M3954 0603
HH501AK Digital Thermometer M2815A 799
HH501AS, HH501BS, HH501AR, HH501BR Digital Thermometer M3204 799
HH501AT Digital Thermometer M2819A 799
HH501BE Digital Thermometer M2822A 799
HH501BJ Digital Thermometer M2818A 799
HH501BK Digital Thermometer M2816A 799
HH501BT Digital Thermometer M2820A 799
HH501DK Digital Thermometer M2985 799
HH502 Digital Thermometer M2807 1008
HH503 Digital Thermometer M2808A 1008
HH504 Digital Thermometer M2809 799
HH505 Digital Thermometer M2810A 799
HH506 Digital Thermometer M2811 799
HH506A Thermometer/Data Logger M4080 0704
HH506R Digital Thermometer M2812A 799
HH506RA Multilogger Thermometer M4079 0704
HH506RA Software Manual M4079A 0704
HH507 Digital Thermometer M2813A 799
HH507R Digital Thermometer M2814A 799
HH508, HH509, HH509R Digital Thermometer M3203 799
HH550 Graphic Recorder, Datalogger, Data printer M3731 0501
HH601A Portable K-Thermocouple Thermometer M3982 0603
HH602A Portable K-Thermocouple Thermometer M3983 0603
HH603A K - J - T Thermocouple Thermometer M3984 0603
HH610SW Series Software Manual M3494 0802
HH611A Series Portable Printing and Logging K - J - T Thermocouple Thermometer M2794 0603
HH612P2C Printing and Logging PT100 Thermometer M2795 0603
HH63K Digital Thermometer M2872 0498
HH63KC-MV Temperature Transducer M2874 799
HH63KF-MV Temperature Transducer M2873 799
HH64 Water-Resistant Handheld Thermometer M1219 0193
HH64A Thermometer M3633 0900
HH65 Deluxe Digital Pocket Thermometer M3387 0304
HH66R Digital Thermometer M4315 0506
HH66U Software Manual M4947 0810
HH66U Thermocouple Thermometer M4932 0710
HH67 Digital Thermometer M3913 0804
HH68K Digital Thermometer M3912 0804
HH74K Digital Thermometer M3911 0803
HH801A Digital Thermometer M4460 0711
HH801B Digital Thermometer M4468 0310
HH802U DUAL Input K/J Digital Thermometer M4549 0711
HH802W Wireless Dual input K/J Digital Thermometer M4550 0807
HH803U J/K Digital Thermometer M4542 0611
HH804 and HH804U Dual Input RTD Digital Thermometer M4730 0410
HH804U Dual Input RTD Thermometer M4501 0607
HH804W/804WE Wireless Dual Input RTD Digital Thermometer M4552 0711
HH806AU HH806U Multilogger Thermometer M4502 0711
HH806AW Wireless Multi-logger Thermometer M4553 0611
HH806W Wireless Multilogger Thermometer M4556 0611
HH81 & HH82 Digital Thermometers M0656 0487
HH81A and HH82A Digital Thermometers M3599 0600
HH83 Thermo-Collector M3608 0800
HH84 Thermo-Collector M3609 0800
HH86 Digital Thermometer M3990 0603
HH-99A Series (Discontinued) Handheld Digital Thermometers M165 0689
HHB1500 Data Logging Borescope M4643 0409
HHB1600 Data Logging Borescope M4834 1109
HHB1800 Wireless Borescope M4770 0509
HHB200/300 Video Inspection System M4841 0110
HHB280 Borescope Video Inspection System Manual (English-Spanish-French) M5153 0512
HHB400 Borescope Wireless Video M4842 0810
HHB660 Recording Video Inspection System M5154 0612
HHB-ISCOPE Wireless Borescope M5186 0712
HHCL10 Cable & Pipe Locator M5167 0712
HH-DM Distance Measuring Meter M4028 0104
HHEM-SD1 Evironment Meter M5078 0212
HHF1000 Series Handheld Air Velocity Meter M4979 0311
HHF11 Anemometer M4107 1004
HHF11A Digital Airflow Meter M4813 0809
HHF12 Anemometer M4105 0512
HHF141A Handheld Rotating Vane Anemometer M4745 0109
HHF142A Anemometer with Volume Flow Calculation M4746 0109
HHF143A Thermo anemometer M4750 0608
HHF144A Hygro-thermo anemometer M4751 0608
HHF2005 Anemometer M4397 1207
HHF2005HW Hot Wire Anemometer M4977 1010
HHF23 Environmental Monitoring Meter M3432 0604
HHF-300A Digital Anemometer M2368 1008
HHF42 Hot Wire Anemometer M4108 0810
HHF5000 Series Digital Anemometer M4419 0107
HHF600 Air velocity Meter M2339 0398
HHF710 Hygro-Thermo Anemometer M1126 0792
HHF801 Vane Anemometer Manual M4793 0603
HHF802 Anemometer M4130 0905
HHF803 Anemometer M4131 1204
HHF81 4 in 1 Meter M4118 1104
HHF91 Digital Anemometer M4081 0604
HHF92A Digital Anemometer M3665 1200
HHF-SD1 Hot-Wire Anemometer/Thermometer w/Data Logging M5007 0211
HHF-SD2 Anemometer/Thermometer w/Datalogging M4991 0211
HHG1392 ElectroMagnetic Field Tester M4731 0109
HHG1394 Magnetic Field Meter M4732 0109
HHG-17 GaussMeter Handheld M1888 0706
HHG191 Magnetic Field Meter M4584 1007
HHG-21 DC Gauss Meter M3684 0706
HHG-22 Gauss Meter Handheld M3735 0706
HHG-23 Handheld Gauss/Tesla Meter M3685 0706
HHLM-1 Digital Light Meter M2857 799
HHLM112SD Light meter with datalogging SD card M5059 1111
HHLM-1MV Light Transducer M2858 799
HHLM-2 Digital Light Meter M2856 799
HHLM3 Digital Lightmeter M3916 0803
HHM14 Digital Multimeter M2886 0799
HHM14 Digital Multimeter M2886 0799
HHM15 Digital Multimeter M2887 0799
HHM15 Digital Multimeter M2887 799
HHM16 Digital Multimeter M3218 0498
HHM17 Digital Multimeter M2855 799
HHM18 Digital Capacitance Meter M2854 799
HHM19C Digital Multimeter M2851 799
HHM19F Digital Multimeter M2850 799
HHM21 Digital Multimeter M2847 799
HHM22 Digital Multimeter M2853 799
HHM221 Mini Clamp Meter M3553 1299
HHM23 Digital Multimeter M2852 799
HHM24 Digital Multimeter M2849 799
HHM250 AC Clamp Meter M4655 1108
HHM26 Digital Multimeter M2892A 799
HHM27 Digital Multimeter M2893A 799
HHM28 Digital Multimeter M2894A 799
HHM29 Digital Multimeter M2885 799
HHM290 Supermeter M3636 0501
HHM290 HHM290 Supermeter (German version) M3636DE 0501
HHM29-IR Addendum Manual HHM29-IR M2855A 1299
HHM29-IR Czech Version - Multimetr M2885_CZ 0798
HHM30 Digital LCR Meter M2889A 799
HHM31 Digital Multimeter M3194 799
HHM31 Calibration Procedure M3194A 0503
HHM32 Digital Multimeter M3202 799
HHM33 Omegaette(tm) Digital Multimeter M3270 0609
HHM34 Omegaette(tm) Digital Multimeter M3271 0609
HHM35 Omegaette(tm) Digital Multimeter M3272 0609
HHM-380395 Digital High Voltage Insulation Tester M5151 0512
HHM57 Digital Multimeter Thermometer M1037 0789
HHM59 Digital Clamp Meter M1122 1289
HHM590 Clamp-On Digital Multimeter M2884 799
HHM591 Clamp-On Digital Multimeter M2883 799
HHM591T Clamp-On Digital Multimeter M2882 799
HHM592D Clamp-On Digital Multimeter M2891A 799
HHM596C Clamp-On Digital Multimeter M2880 799
HHM598 Clamp-On Digital Multimeter M2879 799
HHM598C Clamp-On Digital Multimeter M2878 799
HHM598F Clamp-On Digital Multimeter M2877 799
HHM598T Clamp-On Digital Multimeter M2876 799
HHM599 Clamp-On Digital Multimeter M2875 799
HHM63 Digital Multimeter M2897A 799
HHM63C Digital Multimeter M2895A 799
HHM63F Digital Multimeter M2896A 799
HHM64 Digital Multimeter M2871 799
HHM65 MegOhm Meter M2888 799
HHM71-HHM74 Current Probe Manual HHM71 and HHM74 M3477 0899
HHM72-HHM75 Current Probe Manual for HHM72 and HHM75 M3478 0899
HHM73-HHM76 AC/DC Current Probe Manual for HHM73 and HHM76 M3479 0899
HHM-800 HHM800 Series AC Current Probes Manual M3374 0899
HHM81-HHM82 AC/DC Micro Probe Manual for HHM81 and HHM82 M3481 0899
HHM90 Digital Multimeter M2781 0997
HHM98P Clamp-on power meter M4311 0306
HHMA Analog VOM M3198 0499
HHM-EX505 Autoranging True RMS Multimeter M5142 0612
HHM-EX520 True RMS Industrial Multimeter M5143 0612
HHM-EX530 Industrial Multimeter True RMS M5144 0612
HHM-EX540 Wireless TRM Multimeter M5141 0612
HHM-EX623 RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter with IR M5132 0612
HHM-EX830 True RMS Clamp Meter 1000 Amp with IR Temp M5138 0612
HHM-EX845 1000 Amp True RMS Clamp Meter with Bluetooth M5137 0612
HHM-GRT300 4 Wire Earth Resistance Tester M5136 0612
HHMI60 Digital Insulation Tester M5088 0212
HHMM257 Pinless Mositure Meter M5208 0812
HHMM690 Wood Moisture Meter M3856 1002
HHM-MA1500 1500 Amp True RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter M5145 0612
HHM-MA640 True RMS Clamp-on Multimeter M5133 0512
HHM-MCC-A Metric Conversion Calculator M4524 0507
HHM-MG300 Wireless True Multimeter and Insulation Tester M5139 0612
HHM-MN42 Multimeter M5140 0612
HHP-103 Hand Held Manometer M3924 0609
HHP-2000 Series Manometer M3168 1003
HHP-2000-MAGNET Magnet Kit Instructions M3925 0703
HHP201 Digital Manometer M1654 1104
HHP241 Series Digital Manometer M4718 0709
HHP242 Series Digital Manometer M4781 0709
HHP350 Series High Accuracy Manometer M4719 0709
HHP360 Series Precision Absolute Manometer M4928 0610
HHP401 series Digital Manometer M3490 0899
HHP4200 Series Handheld Manometers M4833 1109
HHP680 Manometer M3859 1002
HHP8200 Series Handheld Manometer M3671 0601
HHP886, HHP886U, HHP886W Dual Input Differential Manometer M4742 0109
HHP-90 Manometer M3940 0803
HHP91 Manometer M4431 0107
HHP9303 Pressure Meter with Datalogging M4988 0411
HHP-PRX Handheld Proximity Switch Tester M1857 0302
HHP-SG Handheld Strain Gage Indicator - Operator’s Manual M3369 1204
HHP-SG Handheld Strain Gage Indicator M1391 0499
HHSL1 Sound Level Meter M3201 799
HHSL402SD HHSL402SD M5082 1211
HHSM310SW Software Manual for HHSM310 M3817 0102
HHT11 Pocket Tachometer M2905 0905
HHT11-R Pocket Tachometer with Remote Sensor Input M2906 0905
HHT12 Pocket Tachometer M4150 0305
HHT13 Pocket Laser Tachometer w/Remote Sensor Input M4151 0507
HHT13-RCA Remote Contact Assembly M4174 0305
HHT-1500, HHT-1501 Economical Handheld Digital Tachometer M3663 0601
HHT-1500, HHT-1501 Economical Handheld Digital Tachometer M3663 0601
HHT21A Laser Tachometer M3942 0303
HHT31 and HHT32 Stroboscope M2909 0401
HHT31R and HHT32R Deluxe Stroboscopes M4576 0907
HHT41 Portable Stroboscope M3855 0103
HHTFO Fiber Optic Thermometer M4357 0906
HHTQ35 Series Digital Torque Gauges M5086 0712
HHTQ88 Torque Meter M4309 0306
HH-USD Universal Handheld Test Instrument M5159 0712
HHUV254SD UVA & UVC Light Meter w/data logging SD Card M5083 1211
HHUVA1 Digital UVA Meter M3917 0803
HHVB82 Vibration Meter Acceleration and Velocity M4716 1008
HOS-MS420 20 mhz Oscilloscope M5134 0612
HOS-MS6000 Handheld Oscilloscopes M5209 0812
HPP-100 and HPP-VAC Handheld pumps M4672 0508
HPP-10K Hydraulic Calibration Hand Pump M4674 0508
HPP-600 Pneumatic Handheld pump M4673 0508
HPWS Series Long Range Wireless System M4940 0211
HSRTD Flexible Sealed RTD Sensor M0503E 0708
HT-121 Explosion resistant Temp. Controls M1000 0489
HT-123 Explosion resistant Temp. Controls M999 0489
HTWAT Series Silicone Rubber Heating Tapes w/Thermostat M4581 0907
HTWC Series Heating Tape and Controller M1046 0789
HTWT Series Heating Tapes with Built in Thermosotat M4251 0609
HUB444 Motion Control Network Hub HUB444_manual 0802
HX15 RH/Temperature Probe Transmitter M3199 0198
HX302/HX303 Series Temperature/Humidity Transnmitters M3692 0707
HX302A/HX303A Series Temperature/HumidityTtransmitters M5072 1211
HX400 Series Humidity/Temperature Transmitters M5148 0512
HX49 series Humidity Transducer M2606 0303
HX50 Series RH/Temp Transmitters M3880 1002
HX71 Series RH Probe/Transmitter M4543 0310
HX80 Series Humidity Probe - Multi I/O M4500 0509
HX801 & HX802 Humidity and Temperature Transmitters M3475 0302
HX80A Series RH Transmitter M5092 0112
HX92-CAL RH Calibration Kit M969 0389
HX93A (French Version Manual) Transmetteur d'humidité relative et de température M0933A_FR 0202
HX93A, HX93DA Series RH/Temperature Transmitter M0933A 1110
HX93C - (Obsolete) HX93C ONLY - Discontinued RH & Temperature transmitter M0933 0789
HX94 Stainless Steel RH Probe M2750 0497
HX94A RH/Temperature Transmitter M2750A 0509
HX95, HX96, HX97 Temperature/RH Transmitters M2798 1297
HX98 Series RH Transmitter M3499 0899