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WM7400/WM7600 Series

High-Performance Weighing and Counting Indicators for Use with Load Cells and Scales | WM7400/WM7600 Series

¥6,760.00 WM7600

  • All Stainless Steel Washdown Enclosure
  • 16 Million Internal Counts
  • 60 Updates per Second
  • Easy Setup and Operation
  • 1-Button Counting
  • Automatic Sample Update for Higher Accuracy
  • %-Accuracy or %-Error Display (7600 only)
  • Full Numeric Keypad (7600 only)
  • 2 Weighing Units (lb/kg or User Selectable)
  • Input and Display of Piece Weight, Tare Weight, 6-Digit ID Number, Sample Quantity and Gross/Net Weight (7600 only)
  • Bidirectional Digital Communications
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The WM7400/WM7600 Series weighmeters provide fast, easy counting and weighing. Their 304 SS enclosure is designed for washdown applications and has an adjustable U-bracket for bench or wall mounting. On the sealed keypad, the user can perform complex functions with the push of a button. The WM7600 has time/date battery backup and audit trail accountability. Both models feature bidirectional RS232, RS485, RS422, and current loop communications.

Input: 1, 2 or 3 mV/V
Excitation: 5 Vdc @ 120 mA
A/D Converter: 24 bits @ 60 updates per second
Power: 120 Vac, 50/60 Hz ±15% (EMI/RFI and transient protection standard)
Communications: 2 asynchronous serial data interfaces—RS232, RS485, RS422 and current loop fully addressable; time and date with battery backup (WM7600 Series); network addressable
    Without U-Bracket: 254 W x 165 H x 102 mm D (10 x 6.5 x 4")
    With U-Bracket: 305 W x 178 H x 102 mm D (12 x 7 x 4")
Weighing: Maximum display of 99,999; stable to 1/20,000; 1/5000 for commercial installations
Counting: 1 part in 1 million
Display: 6-digit, 14.2 mm (0.56") green LED
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Weigh/counting meter
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货期: 7 周
Weigh/counting meter with expanded features
注: Comes with complete operators manual.
订购示例: (1) WM7600-AO Expanded-feature weigh/counting meter with 16-bit 0 to 10 Vdc analog output, ¥9,330.00



(1) Model 选项:
400 for Weigh/counting meter
600 for Weigh/counting meter with expanded features

(2) Options and Accessories 选项:
-220VAC for 220 Vac power
-AO for 0 to 10 Vdc 16-bit analog output
-SSR for Solid state relay option board
注: 并非所有组合都有效,请查阅规格表上的有效产品编号。


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